• Age – 27yrs
  • Profession – Farmer
  • Challenges – Finances to fund my passion and unfavorable weather from time to time
  • Family – Mother; 2 sisters and Me
  • Education – Strathmore Primary school; Strathmore Secondary school; Strathmore University and USIU
  • Career Background – IT for Cellulant
  • GRIT success story – GRIT has enabled me to start exporting my produce to the European Countries

I am someone who immensely believes in making a positive impact. One of the ways I do this, is through farming. I have been through trials as an entrepreneur that have made me feel like giving up. Times like those made me feel like my dream was too big. Farming is a game of patience, you cannot make a quick buck out of it.

I remember there were times that we planted and it rained so hard that everything, even the greenhouse structure was washed away. It was a devastating period but I made the decision to focus on finding the solution and not dwell on the problem.

Despite all that I never gave up. My family, friends and customers have been some of my strongest pillars of encouragement. Their support has enabled me to feel the true impact of my work.

My word of advice to the youth who are passionate about farming is, you must have patience. Just like your crops take time to grow, your business does too. Having diligence and consistency are major traits to possess in order to fast track your journey to success.

I started out with farming indigenous mbogas like Kunde, Managu and Terere, selling to the local market but now, am selling French beans and exporting the produce.

I believe your network is your net worth and that’s a phrase I live by. Always remember that everyone will always have an opinion about what you do and how you do it. Stay strong because Greatness Requires Internal Toughness.

Posted: 01st Aug 2017