Babra Chege was born in a small town in Kiambu in ’97. She’s the first born of six girls, one of whom passed away. While growing up her father used to work in the transport industry and was ever getting fired, so her fear of employment stemmed from that. She then vowed to never get employed. The constant hardships they went through as a family made her outdo herself in everything she was doing. From Academics, now to entrepreneurship, she’s unstoppable.

“I believe I have internal toughness so greatness is on my path in life and am always willing to learn from everything around me. I am a visionary leader servant.” Babra Chege

She is a Chia seeds farmer and after some seasons of production she realized that it would make more sense buying them for export to the European market which is a fast growing market for her produce. She believes that through the mentorship, exposure, financial training and support she’s gaining on the BYOB TV Show, her vision will soon be a reality. Whether she win’s or not, she’s sure she will make positive progress in her business as she’ll be enable to use the exposure to attract and pitch her ideas to potential investors, clients and partners.

Grit to Babra, is the strength to remain focused and grounded to her goals despite the challenges. She believes she exudes that in everything she undertakes. If she wins the 5 Million Shillings, she plans to use the money to expand her agricultural business and reinvest the rest to get more capital.

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The overall BYOB TV Show winner will walk away with;

Ksh. 3 Million Cash Prize

Ksh. 2 Million In Business Support