The Pre-screening phase is where BLAZERs present their business ideas to the mentors. Thereafter, they get to qualify for a two-day training session called Creation Camp. Here, the mentors take them through an in-depth training conference of how to pitch, develop and expand on their business ideas.


We are excited to launch new bundles for BLAZERs. With BLAZE bundles, you get an insane deal for less cash. Check out the table below to see what package is the one for you.

DAILY 70MB + 70SMS + WhatsApp 20/-
200MB + 200SMS + WhatsApp 50/-
1GB + 200SMS + WhatsApp 100/-
WEEKLY 350MB + WhatsApp 100/-
1GB + WhatsApp 250/-
4GB + WhatsApp 500/-
MONTHLY 3GB + WhatsApp 500/-
7.5GB + WhatsApp 1000/-
20GB + WhatsApp 2000/-

How can I get the BLAZE bundle?
All you’ve got to do is dial *555# and choose your preferred bundle.