This Service is open to ALL Safaricom PrePay youth subscribers aged between 10 and 26 years. This means that you must have a successfully registered their SIM Card on the Safaricom network.  
  1. Dial *555# from your Safaricom Mobile or Data line
  2. Select Option 1
  3. Follow the prompts to MIGRATE to BLAZE
  4. And that’s it! Once successful, you will get a congratulatory SMS
Unfortunately, BLAZE is only open to Safaricom pre-pay customers who are between the ages 10-26.
  • If you are between ages 18-26, why not visit a Safaricom shop or MPESA agent today and buy yourself a Safaricom SIM card, and get it registered. Once that is done, simply dial *555# to migrate to BLAZE.
  • If you are between ages 10-17, all you need to do is have your parent/guardian visit a Safaricom shop today and have them buy you a Safaricom SIM card. Your parent or guardian will need to show their national ID and present a copy of your birth certificate for you to have the SIM card registered in your own name.
  • If you are age 27 and above, or 9 and below, then unfortunately, you will not be able to join BLAZE even If you get a Safaricom SIM card.
BLAZE is a network for the young by Safaricom. Blaze enables the Youth to get access to the "Be Your Own Boss" mentorship summits, shop with BLAZE Bonga, buy more affordable bundles with Create Your Plan and stand a chance to participate in the BYOB TV show.
Youth in Kenya are very talented and often passionate and ambitious about life. However, passion and talent are not always enough to get ahead in life. Sometimes, you need more. You need training, mentorship, funding, planning, networking and discipline (amongst other things). Basically, to be successful, you need to have a plan. A plan for yourself, your brand, your passion and your business. As BLAZE, we believe that you have something within you that can be great and we want to offer you the tools and avenues that will teach and enable you to make a solid plan for your life. A plan that will get you where you want to be.
Once you dial *555# and successfully migrate to BLAZE, you will get the below benefits:
  1. Access to the BYOB (Be Your Own Boss) Summits that connect you to mentors from across industries and passions who can guide you on the journey to becoming a success
  2. Access to the BYOB Bootcamps that offer one-on-one skill and talent training with skilled professionals who show you practically, how to make a plan for your life and passion-
  3. Access to the BYOB TV Show that will give BLAZERS a chance to battle it out for a chance to get training and funding that will empower you to really jumpstart and move your passion/dream to the next level.
  4. The power to Create-Your-Own Plan- literally! This means that you will now be able to create your own data, voice and SMS plan that suits your needs and your pocket.
  5. More control over your airtime- this is because BLAZE comes with a Blocked Out of Bundle Browsing feature for all subscribers that ensures that when your bundle runs out, your browsing session stops so as to avoid charging/eating into your airtime.
  6. The freedom to use your now BLAZE Bonga points to redeem movie tickets and food at select partner outlets… over and above the other items you can already redeem (airtime, data, SMS, Minutes, Devices)
  7. Access to the BLAZE Flame 4G device that comes with a free selfie-stick and phone cover. All for a limited price of Ksh 10,000.
  8. 24/7 Dedicated and personalized customer care on FB & Twitter at BlazeKenya
  And all you need to do to access/enjoy the above is dial *555# your Safaricom line.  
No you don’t. The BLAZE SIM cards you see are limited edition SIM cards and are in the market to celebrate the launch of BLAZE. The SIM cards are special in they are all 4G SIM cards, they have a different design from any other SIM card in the country, and when activated and in your phone, they show the BLAZE logo at the top left-hand side.
Just visit a Safaricom shop and request for a SIM SWAP into the BLAZE Limited Edition SIM.
  1. Just visit a Safaricom shop with your national ID (If you are over 18 years) or your parents ID & a copy of your birth-certificate (if you are below 18 years)
  2. Buy a limited edition BLAZE SIM card
  3. Have it registered & activated for you at the Safaricom shop
  4. Then dial *555# on the new SIM to activate it onto BLAZE
Once you successfully migrate to BLAZE, all you need to do is dial *555# again to view your NEW BLAZE Menu. The BLAZE Menu will have the below options available for you:
Explore the BLAZE Menu to begin enjoying your benefits. We recommend you start with visiting the BLAZE website as all the information you need is packed into that neat yet funky website.  
We would hate to see you go but we can’t force you to stay. So yes, you can de-register and leave BLAZE at any point. All you have to do is:
  • Dial *555## from your Safaricom Mobile or Data line.
  • Follow the prompts to unsubscribe from and opt out of BLAZE
BLAZE is not a promotion and it is not temporary. It is a permanent platform and offering and will therefore be here for a very long time.  
Because BLAZE is powered by and is part of Safaricom, you will not lose ANYTHING when you migrate to BLAZE
  • You will migrate with all of your airtime
  • You will migrate with all the Data, Minutes and SMS that you had
  • You will migrate with all your Bonga points, but they will now be known as BLAZE Bonga.
  • You will migrate with all your MPESA, but it will be at times referred to as BLAZE Mpesa
  • You will migrate with all your debts as well So any Okoa Jahazi debt/ Mshwari loan will still move with you to BLAZE.
On BLAZE, your Bonga points will be known as BLAZE Bonga Points, and they can be accessed on *555#. You will continue to earn points as you did on the Uwezo tariff- but the main difference is that BLAZE offers you more redemption options. See below comparison table:
Can you Redeem this with Bonga on BLAZE? Can you Redeem this with Bonga on Uwezo Tariff?
Airtime Yes Yes
Data MBs Yes Yes
Voice MINS Yes Yes
SMS Yes Yes
Phones Yes Yes
Devices/Tabs Yes Yes
Movie tickets (IMAX) Yes No
Meals (Java) Yes No
Deserts (Planet Yoghurt) Yes No
Meals (Innscor) Creamy Inn Pizza Inn Chicken Inn Bakers Inn Galitos Yes No
There you go… BLAZE gives you more opportunities with your Bonga Points.  
MPESA and all other financial services will remain exactly the same on BLAZE as they are on Uwezo. This means that any Mobile Money related product will not change in terms of how you access it or use it. (E.g. Mpesa, Mshwari, KCB-Mpesa, Lipa Na, etc) However… stay tuned… as we’re working on some fantastic Mpesa deals that will be exclusive to our BLAZE customers only.  
Airtime can be topped up in 3 ways:
  1. BLAZE Limited Edition Scratch-cards.
    • We have some BLAZE branded scratch-cards that will only be available for a limited period only. Visit a Safaricom shop today and get yourself one to remember the year when BLAZE was launched
  1. Normal Safaricom Scratch-cards
    • BLAZE customers can top up their line with any Safaricom scratch-card
    • Electronic Top-Ups (E Top-Ups)
    • BLAZE customers can top up their line with any Safaricom E Top-Up
  1. Mpesa Top-Ups
    • BLAZE customers can top up their line via Mpesa
  1. Sambaza
    • BLAZE customers can get sambaza airtime from other Safaricom customers (whether or not the customers sending the airtime are on BLAZE). However, normal Sambaza rules will apply
As long as your Date-of-birth details are accurate and reflect that you have a week left of being 26, then you will still be able to join BLAZE….  
As long as you joined BLAZE before you turned 27, you will still be in BLAZE, and you will continue to enjoy ALL the benefits of BLAZE, until the day you chose to De-reigster/leave the platform.