His friends like to call him “Rono the great” and much to your surprise, he aims for greatness, whatever the cost. He comes from Lembus, Baringo County, where he stays with his mother. Being the last born of 8 in his family has enriched his journey with experiences ranging from financial strains to scarcity of food, but this guy is no quitter. He remembers going to school bare foot and having to clean the latrines while on the same bare feet. It was insane. Despite his tough childhood, Brian Rono managed to overcome his challenges and set out to be his own boss.

Rono produces potatoes in high season and sells them when it’s low season and intends to expand to production and distribution of crisps locally. He believes he’ll get; a great business acumen, better interpersonal skills and a gateway to securing more capital for his business venture from participating in the BYOB TV Show.

To him, GRIT means ‘Mikikimikiki’ which is a Tanzanian term for tenacity. This being the GRIT edition of the BYOB TV Show, he intends to learn how to inculcate responsiveness in the changing business times and how to develop greater resilience.

If he wins the 5 Million Shilling prize, he’ll invest 50% in irrigation of the potatoes and use 10% as capital for the business. He also intends to create an investment portfolio where he can expand his sources of income.

To vote for Brian Rono, download & open mySafaricom app, shake your phone to see all 12 contestants, and click on Brian’s icon.

The overall BYOB TV Show winner will walk away with;

Ksh. 3 Million Cash Prize

Ksh. 2 Million In Business Support