Summits are Youth Mentorship Symposiums that will give BLAZERS access to different mentors who are professionals or semi-professionals in their field of passion.

The Youth Summit will enable youth across different towns to get access to these mentors, hear their story, learn from their journey, get inspiration across one’s own interest and begin understanding what it takes for young people to be successful in Kenya.

The summits will run from 9am to 6pm and will be packed with mentors, entertainment, gaming and an opportunity for one-on-one engagement with the mentors as well as peers.

The summits are also the platform through which BLAZERS will be auditioned for the BYOB TV show that is coming soon.


  • Learn how to Be Your Own Boss.
  • Learn how to plan your life around your passion as well as earn money from your passion.
  • Engage with key mentors across different ‘unconventional’ industries and careers.
  • Get an opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with key speakers and peer influencers who have made it.
  • Get to network with other like-minded youth.
  • Get to register for the BYOB TV show and win funding to jumpstart your dreams/ambitions.
  • Be entertained after a long day of ‘serious’ work with some entertainment & fun activities.
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