The show will test you on your abilities, passions and ambitions to become your own Boss. The winner will receive the biggest money prizes as well as the chance to get their businesses funded, as well as getting great mentorship and training prizes during the show. BE YOUR OWN BOSS is your chance to make your dreams happen and change your world!

Please note that you need to be over 18 years old and be available to come and stay in Nairobi for up to 8 weeks from the middle of August 2016. You will also need to have a desire TO BE YOUR OWN BOSS i.e. start and grow your own business.

If you want to participate in the audition, this is the process:
1. You will be required to complete a pre qualification form prior to the audition.
2. You may be selected for a Face-to-Face Interview with our team.
3. If you are successful in the interview, you will be shown to the audition room where you will stand in front of a table of Judges. They are nice people, but they do expect you to be confident and eager to present.
4. You will have to complete three tasks in the audition room. These are as follows:
a. 1-minute to sell yourself/Your Passion
Think about who you are, your strengths, passions, your weaknesses. Think about how you would like to be described by others and how you see yourself. Most importantly think how you would tell others about yourself clearly.
b. 1-minute to test your creativity
We will give you a random object. You will have 1 minute to think about how you can use that object (any use, it does not matter – the more creative, the better). You then have 1 minute to convince us and make us want to buy that object.
c. One Random Question
We will give you a random question. This will be a multiple choice question. You will be asked to make a choice and justify that choice to our Judges.

 Our Judges will rate their impressions of your performance.

Finally, you may be asked to participate in an interview to camera in our mobile studio.The purpose of this is to find out more about you and your story. This should take around 15 minutes.

 IF AND ONLY IF you are selected to go forward, you will receive a telephone call in the next two weeks and may be asked to take part in an additional questionnaire session.

From this final list, the production team will select the participants for the BE YOUR OWN BOSS TV SHOW. Please note that it is possible you may be selected to be on the reserve candidate list. You will be advised accordingly.