The best way to describe myself is, I am insanely passionate about music. It all started in high school where I used to listen to rock music and the fact that people could be moved by just a voice and an instrument really fascinated me. For me, playing the guitar means that I can express myself and inspire my audience with the music that I play.

When I was in campus, the worst happened. I lost my voice and could not sing anymore. Every time I tried singing, my throat would hurt so bad. This scared me so much because it meant I could not do what I love anymore, which is to make music. My spirit and determination refused to give in. I went online and researched on various ways to restore my voice as modern medicine had failed me.

Eventually, my illness gave in and I could sing again. I also had to sacrifice a great deal in order to pursue my passion. I had to let go of some friends who were not supportive of my dream. I sacrificed a lot of time and money, trying to better my game at playing the guitar.

My achievements as an artist have been performing and showcasing my talent on social media, which has been my biggest platform. I debuted on the 50 Guitars Competition, where I posted a video of my performance, and won a guitar.

Success to me means doing what you love by turning your passion into a profession. This journey is not for the weak. If you have a dream you believe in so much, don’t give up because Greatness Requires Internal Toughness.

Posted: 01st Aug 2017