Centonomy empowers people to take back control of their money, and bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge about money, and the practical application of how savings, debt and wealth actually work.

There is a need among people, regardless of age, to take control and live the abundant life where they are free of the victim mentality; free to enjoy what they do and how they live every day. There is a need among people, to enjoy their money, grow it, and live their lives without the common fear of interacting with money lest they interact with it in a harmful way.

In order to empower people with the practical tools to live deliberately and abundantly in every area of their lives, Centonomy has developed various courses some of which include:

  1. The Centonomy Campus Edition, which enables campus students to manage their personal finances right from their early twenties, as well as prepare them for both entrepreneurship and their careers. Its 5 modules cover areas such as, The ‘Image Trap’ and how it affects your Expenses, The Different Kinds of Debt and how they Work, Different Avenues for Saving, Introduction to Investments, Career Planning for Financial Growth, Starting out as an Entrepreneur among others.
  2. The Centonomy Teens’ Bootcamp enables teenagers to have a good understanding of how money works, different ways through which they can save their allowance, how to manage their allowances in a profitable way, among other areas.

Centonomy is grounded in the commitment to provide value that goes beyond the focus on money, and instead reaches into the depths of empowering people to be in control of and thrive in their lives.

Posted: 22nd Apr 2016