Come rain, come sunshine Macha has G.R.I.T.!

Come rain, come sunshine Macha has G.R.I.T.!

If you have never been to a BYOB Summit, we’re sorry for the FOMO because the way this year’s summits have been…Bruh! This time we’re in Macha and like promised, BLAZERs here are bringing the HEAT on this chilly Sato Morning.  Through mud and water BLAZERs have been streaming in from the time the gates opened at 9am.

In the morning, there was a lot of learning and sharing with each BLAZER who attended the talks leaving the Pods richer in knowledge than they did when the gates opened. After lunch, Mwalimu Rachel and Timmy T Dat invited us to the main stage where the real fun begun.


There were giveaways, performances and Spark Talks all rolled into a session brought to life by music from DJ Joe Mfalme. There were faces we knew like Abel Mutua, Lyra Aoko, Brian Wanyama (Graff Matwana), Patricia Kihoro, MC Tricky, Njugush and P Unit’s Frasha giving spark talks as Nyashinski, Femi One, King Kaka, Kaligraph Jones and Timmy T Dat giving phenomenal performances and motivational stories.



There were also a few talented but unfamiliar faces on stage like Meek Jr. who impressed the crowd with his Spoken Word performance, Calvo Kali & Pumbrain Brain Boy who gave us our dose of Reggae and Ragga. Though they’re still newbies, their performances could’ve fooled us into thinking they’re all pros!

Though the day started off as gloomy, rainy and muddy, that didn’t discourage BLAZERs from turning-up in large numbers and showing Kenya that Macha has G.R.I.T.! Check out the action on social media with #BYOBMachakos and the video at


Next stop? BLAZE will be holding the Creation Camp for Machakos then after that, Mombasa twasija! Until then, keep chasing your dream!

Posted: 14th Nov 2017