I have my eyes set on revolutionizing the education industry. I am passionate about empowering the youth and young adults who missed a chance at formal education, due to financial or other circumstances. My inspiration to start Second Chance Learning Centre came from my own experience. I have faced a lot of challenges throughout my education especially due to lack of finances.

I believe education to be the key empowerment source, especially for the youth. My mission is to have a literate society in Kenya, as this will help the country’s economy to grow. This is what drives me.

I started my business, Second Chance Learning Centre in a small room, with one teacher and two students. The fact that I had no money to start the business did not discourage me. As I am currently in Pwani University studying Computer Science, my HELB loan came in handy. I used to budget very wisely for it and purchase stationery to be used by the teachers and students.

Upon attending the BLAZE Summit in Mombasa, I auditioned for the BYOB TV Show. At first, I didn’t think I would fit in but that never stopped me from trying. Throughout the first season, I always challenged myself to perform better with every challenge. I ended up taking 3rd place in the finale. BLAZE is a platform that has really empowered me by believing in my dream and to date, I am still working hand in hand with them to nurture my business. The network and connections I built via BLAZE and the BYOB TV Show is something that can never be bought.

I encourage the youth to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them just like I did with BLAZE. Maintain self-discipline and be adamant when chasing your dreams. Be patient with yourself and those around you because I can without a doubt tell you from my own experience that nothing comes easy.

My vision of success is where Second Chance Learning Centre accomplishes 100% literacy levels nationwide, empowering even more people. My other key accomplishment would be to have an online platform that delivers top notch educational content and this is a working progress. I am relentlessly chasing my dreams because Greatness Requires Internal Toughness.

Posted: 01st Aug 2017