David Kimani

David Kimani - 21

David is an educational developer. He was born in Nyakariang’a village, Gatimu location, Oljororok in Nyandarua County. He is one of four children, brought up by a single mum.

He is currently a Computer Science student at Pwani University. David is an aspiring social entrepreneur who is always inspired to achieve greatness in terms of bringing change to his immediate society. “My passion is making people aware of what they don’t know; making positive transformation in educational standards and therefore influencing better lives,” says David. He is already running and growing his business, with all the relevant learning materials built in, to equip Kenyans with basic educational skills. “My mission is to see and have a literate society in Kenya, as this will help the country’s economy to grow. This is what drives me,” says David.

At his audition in Mombasa, David pitched his desire to start a worldwide learning institution that aims to create a completely literate population in Kenya, Africa and the globe at large. He has started with his immediate society at Kilifi County, where most of its residents lack basic education while others dropped out at primary and high school level. This group of people cannot go back to normal schools due to factors like age, mentality and school fees.

Second Chance Adult Learning Center offers 4 programs i.e. KCSE, KCPE, Literacy & HIV/AIDS and Drugs Awareness. This has been running for a period of 1 term, equivalent to 3 months. In his work plan he wants to offer skills training to people who cannot handle formal education. This includes computer lessons, carpentry, hairdressing and beauty therapy, dressmaking, among others. He equally plans to increase his investment in terms of geographical coverage i.e. to expand to the whole of Kilifi, to other counties with low literacy levels and finally get fully established in the country.

If he wins, David will use the money to cater for his business budget that is already in place. “The budget includes acquiring a central place to offer our teaching services, advertisement costs, hiring teachers and trainers for our expanding population of students, acquiring learning materials which includes books, boards, furniture, computers and stationary,” David explains.

David says, “Being on the show will inspire my clients and hence inspire other youths by telling my story. It will encourage them to grab opportunities in their immediate environment.”

The overall BYOB TV Show winner will walk away with;

Ksh. 3 Million Cash Prize

Ksh. 2 Million In Business Support