Last year, we set out to encourage BLAZERs to tap into their inner voices and find their passion. This is because once you find your passion, what you do, has more impact. Our mentors shared their life experiences to highlight the importance of having a plan and set goals while pursuing your dreams.

This time round, we will journey together with you through the hurdles, the hustles and bustles, to inspire you to never give up. When you throw in the towel, we will pick it up, wipe the sweat off your face and help you soldier on.

We will persevere through the trying times together and we won’t stop trying because when passion, goals, discipline and perseverance marry, the upshot is success.

Together, we will alter the narrative to; I CAN. I WILL. Because Greatness Requires Internal Toughness-G.R.I.T.

Posted: 08th Jul 2017