Kelvin Musyoka, who is one of three siblings, was brought up in Machakos by a strong and tenacious single mother who ensured the family was close and supportive of each other. He had to toughen up quite young because his father passed away very early in his life. His tipping point was when he didn’t do as well as he’d expected in his O levels. Since then, hard work and resilience have been his greatest armor in life.

To Kelvin, GRIT means surviving through adversity big or small, like a soldier. It’s also the resilience to keep pushing forward regardless of the turmoil your business is in and the ability to reform even when torn apart. He believes that it’s the challenges that sharpen your strengths.

He believes it’s his diligence and determination that got him the coveted spot on the show. He’s invested three years of his time, effort and money in Rembo International, his fashion company. Rembo Int., based in Nairobi, is a bags and accessories company that manufactures seamless, customized and eco-friendly products.

If he wins, he’ll use the funding to; buy 15 machines, hire 2 casual workers and one marketer, set up shop at the Nairobi CBD, develop his products further and build a reputable brand. It will greatly change his life because his business has been staring at failure for the past three years and a better part of his life will be fulfilled- to have his hard work pay off and build others through his business.

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The overall BYOB TV Show winner will walk away with;

Ksh. 3 Million Cash Prize

Ksh. 2 Million In Business Support