Kevin Karanja Njimu

Kevin Karanja Njimu

Kevin is a Nairobi based fashion designer. He grew up in Rwaka with his two siblings, dad and grandfather. He values trust, acceptance and patience – The latter of which pulled him through some family turmoil surrounding his decision not to do as he was told and made a big move from the city.

His interest in fashion piqued after being turned down by his chosen mentor. He confessed to a less than stellar performance in school which dashed thoughts of Uni for him and with a straggling family life, he immediately got a sales job to help-out. Unfortunately, the company closed leaving him jobless and broke. This, however, paved the way for a much G.R.I.T.tier version of him and he worked 5 hard years through self-teaching to start African Jute, despite his less-than-easy history.

“I can attest to you my environment was what one terms as a village in the middle of a colonial exchange, it was a settlement for the big man to overlook his riches i.e. coffee and tea plantation…life was great as a kid, there were all sorts of activities for a healthy growing boy, long stretch of terrain, rivers and valleys and space for mischief. I miss my childhood.”

Kevin first associated G.R.I.T with power but soon changed that to reflect his own beliefs and the new direction his life was taking. He now sees G.R.I.T as growth, diligence and an unceasing need to be better every day.

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The overall BYOB TV Show winner will walk away with;

Ksh. 3 Million Cash Prize

Ksh. 2 Million In Business Support