King Kaka

King Kaka

King Kaka, 30 years old, grew up in Eastlands, Kaloleni, Jericho and Maringo. He is the last born of three boys. His dad passed when he was in class 7 but his mum is still around. Kaka is inspired by his family’s humble background, which has inspired him to work hard for what he has. Right now, he is living his dream and he continues to invest his time and talent back to the community.

Kaka runs the famous music brand, Kaka Empire. This is a talent management company mainly covering music. The music includes the product (songs), and the management of the artists behind the product. Kaka Empire approach talent, sign them up and look for opportunities that best suit their brand. They then manage their branding, life and money as well as amplifying what they do to give it a wider scope. They specialize in talent and transformation, quality and edge so that it attracts public appeal.

His business has been progressive; it started with Kaka as an artist himself, and has evolved into him using his artistry as the foundation for his business. His way of working appealed to people that he met, so one by one they kept asking him to manage them. That is when Kaka Empire was born. The first artiste he signed was Femi One, then Owago, Avril, Timmy Tdat, DJ Jr and DJ Leqs. Kaka Empire also manages Kaka directly as an artiste. Kaka Empire currently has 10 employees.

His past was not easy, growing up, he lived the life that the Western media so typically described about Africans, ‘Families that are living on a dollar a day’. The fact that he can now afford to live a comfortable life is also a continuing inspiration.

Asked about what makes a ‘BOSS’, Kaka says, “A boss is someone who takes charge. Charge means, someone who oversees the vision, as much as you have people working for you, you steer the direction and vision; that to me is a boss. Someone who makes sure the idea is transformed into a product.”

Kaka feels that to win BLAZE BYOB is going to take a great deal. “It will take so much considering it is a war. Twelve people are fighting for a prize but, then again, it is the lessons they learn that really count. I think what it would take, is someone who stands out. Someone who is aggressive, street smart, has an edge and a great vision.”

His message to his younger self, seeing what he has become is…. “Don’t stop, it gets better in the future. Keep going.”

The overall BYOB TV Show winner will walk away with;

Ksh. 3 Million Cash Prize

Ksh. 2 Million In Business Support