Machakos Lights up Blaze

Machakos Lights up Blaze

If you have never been to a BYOB Summit, we’re sorry for the FOMO because the way this year’s summits have been…Bruh! This time we’re in Macha and like promised, BLAZERs here are bringing the HEAT on this chilly Sato Morning.  Through mud and water BLAZERs have been streaming in from the time the gates opened at 9am.


The early birds got to interact one-on-one with our mentors in the pods where they talked about agriculture, technology, music, photography, art, performance, content development and money matters, all while we waited for the lines at the entrance to file into Machakos Stadium. BLAZERs attended the Pod sessions and were treated to live mixing and music from the Str8-up crew who’ve been filming their show at the summits.


As the morning goes along, there’s mad anticipation for the performances and spark talks by mentors and artists in the afternoon and if the previous summits are anything to go by, we see fun-times in the not too distant future. Just check out #BYOBMachakos for more highlights and the livestream.


The energy at Machakos Stadium so far can only be described as off the charts and the BLAZERs here proved they have G.R.I.T by showing up and getting down even when the weather was threatening to ruin our fun. With such an awesome start to the Macha chapter of the BYOB summits, we can only imagine what kind of talent to expect at the creation camps next week.


Posted: 11th Nov 2017