Malkia Esther

Malkia Esther

She believes that it’s her persistence, hard work and dedication to her business that got her the spot on the show. Her willingness to learn and unlearn has fast tracked her entrepreneurship journey. Her business is a mobile restaurant that provides ready-made healthy food and juices to care takers in hospital as well as employees in offices. Her main aim is to facilitate healthy living through the food she delivers and that way she’ll lower the rate of diabetes prevalence one meal at a time.

Malkia Esther comes from a family of 28 siblings, 18 who she lives with. 25 of her siblings are adopted by her single mother who has supported her dreams. Her tipping point was when she lost her dad and had to toughen up at a young age. This was when she decided to start her catering business. She first sold eggs with Kachumbari, then when that did well, she expanded her menu to include chips. That was successful too. Now, she does a whole buffet for her clients.

“I don’t mind this part of my life being in the limelight as I’ll gain more like; being the boss I’ve always aspired to be, empowering other people through creating employment and sharing my positive values with my peers.” Malkia

The BYOB TV Show will give her a platform to learn how to lead and be a team player. It will also equip her with the skills she’ll need to improve her existing business. As you guessed it, she’ll use the funds to expand her business and improve her sought after recipes.

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The overall BYOB TV Show winner will walk away with;

Ksh. 3 Million Cash Prize

Ksh. 2 Million In Business Support