Maria’s Story

Maria’s Story

My name is Maria Njeri, a young lady proudly Kenyan, a university student, a friend to many, an advocate for people living with different abilities, a professional motivational and for all intents and purposes. I live with cerebral palsy. I have accepted my condition, and I love everything about my life. However, it hasn’t been easy. When I was born and couldn’t breathe for a couple of minutes, I signed up for the fight of life. A fight for survival, a fight to succeed and a fight to stand against all obstacles against any person. I am proud of this fight and I am telling my story, creating awareness about cerebral palsy, eradicating the stigma and negative mentalities and changing the whole view of people living with different abilities and the society.

I love the inspiring people, changing their mentalities and attitudes about themselves and the world. I enjoy helping people discover their power within to live fully.Having friends and family and people from all walks of life come together to understand cerebral palsy!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like an inspiring mental transformation… and if there is anyone out there who doesn’t, maybe that’s just because you haven’t experienced one. This opportunity to informing and inspiring students, staff members, friends, everyone interested.

I write a super interesting blog called cerebral palsied Maria. You can also check in all that at Facebook/Njeri Maria Foundation. Over there you’ll get more information, get involved and get most positive lifestyle tips.

My life is a hectic, colorful life… Hope you come along for the ride!

Posted: 16th Jul 2016