Martin Kwame’s goal is to establish a photography company that will grow into a media house. The value in his business is in creating art that evokes the greatest emotion. The show has added value to him in ways he didn’t expect. For instance, he can confidently say that he’s a better leader, his perspective is different because now, everyone he meets is a potential client.

This is the GRIT Edition because it’s about the long term growth of one’s business. It’s about the intangible stuff like resilience, perseverance and determination. To him, GRIT means doing whatever it takes; no matter how hard it is so that you achieve your dreams. It drives desire, passion, hard work and persistence.

Kwame was raised by his mother, who is from Kapsabet. Since he was 9, he’s lived in the USA with his mom, while his dad has been in Kenya. His strained relationship with his dad made him toughen up quite early as he was his mother’s support system. His tipping point was when he witnessed his mother struggle and finally realized that he wasn’t living to his full potential.

If he wins, he intends to tithe as thanksgiving. This is a testament to his strong values. He’ll use some to facilitate his day to day business and the rest, he’ll invest in other ventures, so that he can diversify his income. This will enable him to run his own business, through which he’ll change other’s lives by creating art and employment. He also anticipates to broaden his education through learning entrepreneurship hands on.

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The overall BYOB TV Show winner will walk away with;

Ksh. 3 Million Cash Prize

Ksh. 2 Million In Business Support