• Age – 23yrs
  • Profession – Volley Ball Player
  • Challenges – No finances to get you to the next level
  • Family – Last born in a family of 3: two ladies & one gentleman
  • Education – Gatie Primary school; Mbichi Secondary school
  • Career Background – After school, I sold cereal in Rongai for a year
  • GRIT success story – GRIT has enabled me to join a team called Bahati Queens that I am playing for to date

I have a passion for playing Volleyball. I am making my mark in the industry by doing what I love, because I have a talent for it. My love for this game is indescribable. I have set my mind to always believe that I am always a winner, no matter the circumstances.  I have vowed that nothing will stop me.

Playing volleyball requires a great deal of commitment and sacrifice. Time management is one of the aspects I had to learn. When I made plans to be in the field for practice, I make sure I am there regardless of what happens. In some instances, when I was starting out, I never used to have enough transport to attend games. I used to wake up very early and sometimes trek to where the games are being held. This fueled me to pursue my passion even more because I knew that before every sunrise, there must be a season of darkness.   

My advice to all the young sportswomen out there is; manage your time and set your priorities right. I have won prestigious awards in the different matches that I’ve played because my vision of success is being the best Volleyball player in the world. My vision is set and nothing will deter me from treading the path to achieve my dreams because Greatness Requires Internal Toughness.

Posted: 01st Aug 2017