Mercy Okore’s childhood was a battle against TB, which made her skip school severally. On top of that, she grew up as a secluded child because other kids avoided her due to her illness. This rough experience, together with her mother’s guidance, molded her into the strong, independent woman she is today. Her health got better and now her GRIT was geared on starting her own hustle.

Her business idea is based on digital media. She aims to run a successful website; Campomaniac that focuses on informing campus students on issues pertinent to them like; Sports news, relationship advice, real time and trending news and fashion.

The quality of skills and knowledge she’ll gain on the BYOB TV Show will greatly grow her business acumen and influence how she runs her business. She believes her network will expand because of the exposure the show brings and more doors will open for her magazine.

“GRIT means emotional and intellectual stamina, which requires toughening up one’s will. I believe this is the GRIT Edition because the challenges won’t be a bed of roses. It will be tough, I might break or get hit to the ground, but, it’s not about how hard you get hit, it’s about you getting right back up every time.” Mercy Okore

If she wins, she’ll use the money to market Campomaniac through t-shirts, banners, on ground and social media promotions.

To vote for Mercy Okore, download & open mySafaricom app, shake your phone to see all 12 contestants, and click on Mercy’s icon.

The overall BYOB TV Show winner will walk away with;

Ksh. 3 Million Cash Prize

Ksh. 2 Million In Business Support