Monica Nyawira Kang’uru

Monica Nyawira Kang’uru

“One day I was looking at an agriculture magazine and read this feature on beef farming that I found very very interesting. At the time, my dad was also doing dairy farming so I thought, why not? I can do this too.” This was Monica’s tipping point. She is one of the 12 contestants who got through the Nairobi auditions and she probably never saw the TV Show coming her way.

“I actually missed the call but I had been waiting for a while to get the call and when it did not come I started coming to terms with the probability that I had not made it on the show. So, when I called back and I was told that I had made it to the final twelve I was excited beyond words. I barely said anything back to the caller.”

Monica’s realisation was that she could actually make a living out of agriculture and since she is a Nyahururu girl, it was very fitting she would eventually go into a remixed version of her father’s business. She is a Beef Farmer which means she buys cows during the dry season from farmers in the North Rift and Laikipia, nurses them to peak health and then resells them at a profit. This not only benefits marginalised communities in terms of letting go of cows they can’t feed anyway, it also provides the communities with much needed cash to take them through the dry season and gives Mercy an edge in the industry.

For her, G.R.I.T means having a consistent drive and push towards a goal. This plus an unshakable focus despite any challenges that arise along the way tells us more about her spirit. She’s ready to succeed, no matter the cost and her place as one of the contestants is proof that she can do it, despite being extremely nervous to begin with.

Her stint on this show has just begun but you can show her love by voting for Monica Nyawira. To do so, download & open your mySafaricom app, shake your phone to see all 12 contestants, and click on Monica’s icon.

The overall BYOB TV Show winner will walk away with;

Ksh. 3 Million Cash Prize

Ksh. 2 Million In Business Support