Well, don’t know where I should start from. Mmmh.. My life story. I think since I was born, I have been into arts. I remember sitting outside the garden with my father just having our long insensible talks. I would get tired of talking and just rush into the house and bring him a pen and a paper and tell him to draw anything he feels like and he would draw different wild animals. I used to take his drawing and try to draw exactly like him. I was good at it.

My big brother one day out of the blues, brought me a drawing book, pencils, crayons and water paints. He then told me to draw anything I liked and once my book filled up, I would have another one. This continued until high school where all my drawing books got stolen, and all I was left with were a few of them, which I used to draw cloth designs.

After high school, I was confused about what course to take in the university. Was it going to be Fine Arts, Nursing or Psychology? Well I guess most of the “ freshers” are always confused. Eventually I was called to study Psychology at The University Of Nairobi.

Creative art makes me happy. I have too many plans for it. I would love to teach kids to be creative, introduce it to schools and to people with disabilities. For now it’s a saving mode to meet all my goals. Currently I am learning how to market it and open up a website. But I know and I am sure I will make it.

Posted: 22nd Feb 2017