Muraguri Ngure

Muraguri Ngure - 21

Ngure, 21, grew up in Ruiru in a family of four. At the moment, he is a personal fitness instructor, he sells fitness programs, sportswear and hosts talking groups addressing the topics of fitness, arts and photography.

“Great pictures and the real life struggles of individuals who are keen on improving their situation inspire me,” says Ngure. “I’m also inspired by my own story, from being an overweight teenager, often the butt of others, with a low sense of teen self esteem, to becoming a fitness instructor and respected health professional.”

His passion is in working out, coming up with new ideas to solve business problems. He also enjoys helping others. For his down time, he takes pictures, trains regularly and he loves to attend live music shows and artist exhibitions.

In his ambition to win Blaze BYOB, he believes that he has the edge because of his passion to make things happen, and given, his lack of a degree, feels strongly that he is a role model for young people intending to work hard and own their own businesses.

His Thika pitch showed him to be a passionate, driven and creative person. He wants to start a fitness and sports company that uses public spaces such as school fields, parks, and open spaces. He would also like to start an African-centric sports wear business that also manages young aspiring athletes.

If successful on the show, he will fund the formalization of his business and sort out the necessary equipment and marketing investment needed to launch his programs to a wider audience.

A key aspect of his business is the improvement in fitness and health in society. He wishes to combat obesity by ensuring that people (and organizations) appreciate the value of a healthy body and healthy mind – the reduction of health insurance costs, medical costs, domestic violence, and stress relief. In this way our society will improve the quality of life for all.

He sees hard work as the stimulant to a good life. His story is an every-man’s, story especially for the young.

Ngure says, “Believe it, Be It!”

Muraguri was awarded Ksh. 120,000 in cash prize and business support, after leaving the BYOB TV Show.

The overall BYOB TV Show winner will walk away with;

Ksh. 3 Million Cash Prize

Ksh. 2 Million In Business Support