The BYOB Extravaganza in Eldoret

The BYOB Extravaganza in Eldoret

It’s the beginning of yet another Summit and this time it’s in Eldoret. It’s a beautiful day this Saturday the 7th of October; the sun is shining and the energy in the air is electric. BLAZERs from across the county are gathering at the Eldoret Sports Club to get inspired to acquire the G.R.I.T from our mentors’ spark talks and performances.

The lineup at the entrance can only be described in two words; long and psyched. The kind of energy on the queues got the security guards grooving to the beat with the eager BLAZERs.

Before delving into the activities of the day, how did we get here?


On the 4th and 5th of October, hundreds of youth with big business ideas showed up for the two-day Creation Camp at Eldoret Sports Club. At the club, they divided into the pods they wanted to pitch for. The seven pods are; Creative Arts, Agriculture, Film & Photography, Technology, Retail & Manufacturing, Music and Fashion. It was two days of intense training in preparation for the summit that would reveal the winner.


The competition was fierce but that didn’t stop the BLAZERS from forming new friendships, partnerships and having fun as they competed to win in their respective pods. Two days went by fast and by the end of the camp all participants, shortlisted or not, had learned how to make money out of the activities they previously considered as hobbies. They’ve got the G.R.I.T to take their businesses to the next level. We wonder where they’ll be this time next year…

Missed out on the Eldoret Summit? No worries. The next one could be coming closer to you, just check out when we’ll be in your hood at In the meantime, check out our live stream of the summit on

Posted: 07th Oct 2017