The Exhilarating BYOB Nakuru Experience

The Exhilarating BYOB Nakuru Experience

The word electric can’t even describe the BYOB Nakuru Summit that went down today. We had the kind of energy that could light up the whole of Nakuru town. First off, Mwalimu Rachel was the lady on the mic, taking us through the event as Dj Joe Mfalme rocked the decks and your favorite live show, Str8-up, captured the hype.


The wave of inspiration that flowed throughout the event was nothing short of magical. It started with amazing performances by selected BLAZERs from the Creation Camp who showcased their brilliance in artistry by delivering enviable stage performances; they have adopted the name, ‘gems of Nakuru’.

The mic was then passed on to the BLAZE mentors who set the stage on fire. They shared their stories of rise to stardom. Each one of them expressed how they started from the bottom, with nothing and worked their way to where they are now. They had to make sacrifices and when they lost or failed, they picked themselves up and journeyed on! Because each of them had GRIT!

One impressive Spark talk that serenaded the huge dome packed with curious BLAZERs, was Nyashinski’s. He delivered his Spark talk by integrating words of spur with his hit singles.


Greatness Requires Internal Toughness came to life through the winners of the Creation Camp pods. They worked hard on their business ideas and it was time for us to reward them. The champs from each pod were;

Agriculture Edwin Kiprotich and Vincent Korir
Technology Michael Koske
Retail and Manufacturing Miriam Mwangi
Creative Arts Caribbean Dance Crew
Film and Photography Galam Nabi Akram
Music Wilson Oebah
Fashion Prime Rose Oyiera


There was one damsel that took us by storm with her style; Pierra Kimberly. She got the G.R.I.T t-shirt and decided to work her style into it. When she rocked the revamped tee, we couldn’t help but give her a standing ovation for her creativity. Believe it or not, this is it;


Later on, King Kaka and Papa Jones BLAZED the stage sending the crowd in a frenzy. You guy, the house was on fire! As the weather got dull, the Summit got hotter and hotter.

It all started with the possible, but it ended with the unforgettable. Until next time (BYOB Eldoret), evoke, G.R.I.T!

Posted: 17th Sep 2017