The Revolution of Youth at the BYOB Nakuru Summit

The Revolution of Youth at the BYOB Nakuru Summit

In 3…2…1… The exciting BYOB Nakuru Summit started with a bang. This time, the BLAZERs brought the sunshine along with their energy, ready to spark up their passion. It was all hands on deck at each spark talk as those who didn’t come for the Creation Camp were psyched to learn more about turning their passion into a profession.

The first phase was the pre-screening, where BLAZERs came to present their business ideas to the mentors in the following pods; Agriculture, Retail and Manufacturing, Technology, Fashion, Creative Arts, Music and Film & Photography. The mentors then shortlisted those with the best ideas to move forward to the Creation Camp.

The two days were intense! The energy for learning, team work and innovation filled the air as BLAZERs sharpened and refined their ideas for the final pitch, where the winners would win Ksh 100,000.

You could hear BLAZERs from outside the Stadium, singing along to their favorite tunes being played by the amazing DJs on set. On coming in, it was lit. The vibe was strong, the dance moves were on point, the cheers were electric and the BLAZERs, my oh my, they were ecstatic.

If you’re not at the BYOB Nakuru Summit, don’t sweat it, we got you. Be part of the psyche on our live feed at

Posted: 16th Sep 2017