Valentine Nekesa

Valentine Nekesa - 19

Valentine grew up in Kakamega. Her mom died when she was in class six and her father was not, and is still financially unstable. She lives with her aunt in a family of 13. She is currently a student at Mount Kenya University. That said, she is already on the hustle as a part time designer and model.

Nekesa loves to figure out what she can make out of the available materials, just for fun. She enjoys fashion and designing, not just because it’s good to dress well, but also because she loves to dress people. She wants to be the individual that people walk in a room and tell each other, “Wow you look lovely!” And the response is, “It’s all thanks to Val”. That’s her joy.

She is very passionate about her designs,  she gives them her all and doesn’t rest until the task planned is accomplished because it gives her a sense of fulfillment. Nekesa is a go-getter; she is a character that weighs her situations with caution but is also a risk taker. She believes that failure is what strengthens an individual, when one makes an effort to learn from their mistakes. She wants to own a clothing line; VN Designs, as she calls it.

With the money she will: buy sewing machines, rent a shop and remodel it to suit her work needs, buy quality fabrics worth Ksh.2 million, Ksh.500, 000 to pay her employees, who will be particularly talented and share the same dream as hers. She will set aside Ksh.500, 000 for any work emergencies. The remainder of the money will go back into personal development and capacity building. Creating employment is very important to her, as it has the ability to attract additional international investment into the current Kenyan fashion sector.

Val says, “Yes, I dream big. We all dream big. We all have visions. We all have the desire to be great people in life. The BLAZE BYOB summit made me believe I can leave a mark in my history and so can anyone else.”

The overall BYOB TV Show winner will walk away with;

Ksh. 3 Million Cash Prize

Ksh. 2 Million In Business Support