Victor Camilus Nyamwaya’s Story

Victor Camilus Nyamwaya’s Story

My name is Victor Camilus Nyamwaya from Kisii Town, I am 21 years old.   

I went to St Mary’s Mosocho in my primary level and later joined a Minor Seminary High school (Pope Benedict Minor Seminary) in Kisii. In Form Three, I had to transfer to another High school, got a chance to join St Kizito boys High School.

After clearing high school, staying at home jobless was a great challenge so I had to find something to do. I had some basic ideas on how to use (Virtual Deejay) software so I started going to town, visiting some clubs to see how some Deejays were playing music. I worked at Club Rangers and Club Carnivorous as a DJ.

My parents found out that I had been going out almost every night to deejay and they were against it. I am now a student at Kirinyaga University hoping to be a deejay in the future.

Posted: 19th Jul 2017