So a lot of you have been asking what is BLAZE Kenya. What’s all this hype about? Is all this just for a new tariff?

We’ve heard you! Let’s quickly take you through BLAZE 101 (we’ll keep it short; we promise).

  • BLAZE is more than a tariff; it’s a whole new  youth network powered by Safaricom
  • BLAZE gives you the freedom to manage your airtime through Create Your Plan
  • BLAZE supports unconventional journeys to success and will empower youth through Be Your Own Boss Summits, Boot-camps and TV Show

BLAZE is a new network by Safaricom, created for young people by young people. This means that while BLAZE is owned by Safaricom, it works a little different. For example, while Safaricom (the Mother Brand) is available to everyone from your little sister to your grandmother, BLAZE is only available to subscribers aged 26 years and below.

Why? Because we know that your needs are different. How? You told us!

To create BLAZE we invited Kenyans within this age bracket to participate in its conceptualization and development, working closely with guys in campus, young entrepreneurs and those who’ve just joined the corporate race.

We asked them a couple of things including what they would like from a communication network, what are some of the things that are most important to them and what success means to them.

We found out that: you want freedom, you want empowerment and you want success.

So we asked ourselves how we could create something that would deliver these things to you, and we realized that a tariff alone wouldn’t cut it.

So we developed BLAZE.

With BLAZE, you can do – and be – so much more than what any other network allows.

Check this out: as a BLAZE subscriber, you can Create Your Plan, a service that gives you the freedom to decide how you want to use your airtime. For each denomination you buy, you get to decide how much goes into data, SMS and voice  calls, so that your plan is customized by you, for you.

In addition to that, BLAZE will reward you for your airtime spend, through BLAZE Bonga. This is a loyalty program similar to Safaricom’s Bonga points, but with one significant difference that makes it cooler: apart from redeeming your points for airtime and devices, you can use these points to catch a movie with friends, grab a pizza or eat some frozen yogurt. How? By redeeming your points at any of our partner outlets.

And we’re not stopping there. You said you wanted empowerment and success, so we created something called Be Your Own Boss, aka B.Y.O.B.

B.Y.O.B is a youth empowerment platform that will take mentorship sessions to youth all over the country. During these sessions – which we’re calling B.Y.O.B Summits – you’ll get a chance to tell your stories, share your ambitions and interact with mentors who will inspire you and guide you on their journey to chasing their passion.

B.Y.O.B is about to allowing you to ignite your spark and have the courage to be whatever you want to be, no matter how unconventional it is. We have mentors from various fields including the arts (music, fashion, photography, graffiti, film), technology, entrepreneurship and agriculture.

At these summits, you’ll also have a chance to audition for the BLAZE TV show, also called Be Your Own Boss.

This show will offer a select few the opportunity to compete for funding that will enable them chase their dreams and build careers out of them.

We believe that you are ambitious, driven and capable of being anything you want to be, so we won’t try to put you in a box; what we’ll do is, support these ambitions because we understand that success doesn’t always have to mean wearing a suit and tie to work (unless that’s your definition of course).

We’re pretty sure that by now we’ve convinced you that BLAZE is more than a tariff. What are you waiting for? Come join us!

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Posted: 31st May 2016