To start the BYOB experience, a Blazer must attend the Summit where they attend the pod mentorship sessions from 08:00 AM to Midday.


The pods include:
Agriculture, Product and sales, Fashion, Technology, Creative Arts, Music, Film and Photography, Wezesha, Centonomy and the BYOB TV Show audition tent (where they get to audition for the TV Show).


Then from 12PM till 5PM, BLAZE Mentors and great East African artists, share their GRIT stories and entertain BLAZERS.

If a Blazer has a great business idea, they are prompted to apply for the creation camp during the summit and on social media. They have three days (till Monday evening) to submit their applications either to the WhatsApp number, on email or the website.


After that, 350 Blazers make it to the Creation camp, they are contacted and given all the information. The creation camp takes three days, where the Blazers are mentored and given a chance to re-pitch their business idea on the third day for a chance to win KSH100,000 per pod. During the Creation Camp, the attending Blazers are given a chance to audition for the BYOB TV Show.


After all the Summits happen, there is a Mega Audition held in Nairobi where all the applicants to the BYOB TV Show pitch their business idea to the TV Show judges and 12 final contestants are selected for the show.

After this, the 8-episode TV show starts, with the winner standing a chance to win KSH 5Million.


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